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Immortality, A True Story, Immortality A True Story, How to Get Immortality
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Immortality - A True Story is just as the title implies, a true story by Michael Mathiesen based on his life. 

   In this novel, Science and Science Fiction merge into the story of an alien culture that finds us worthy of their highly advanced philosophy and technology.  This may be the first work of literature in history in which the author actually puts himself to death in the opening pages for the sole purpose of revealing his story. 

    The story from his death forward is all about how he comes back to life and those who help him, an advanced alien Civilization who travel the universe on a planet that they are able to move about beyond all known laws of physics, at least the laws known by us.  Traveling all over the known universe without ever leaving their planet, the Aeternians have unlocked the secret of the universe and they share it with humanity in a way that will rock your world, literally.

    If the scientific events in this book hold true, then there is a second iteration of Mankind just around the corner and it may even have started within the pages of this book.  This book is appropriate for all ages, both sexes, all nationalities, all political persuasons, all educational levels, all sexual orientations, rich or poor, all ethnicities and all races.  It may not be appropriate for anyone who may not fit in to any of the above.


What if we All Got Immortality?

"Simply the Best Book about the God Particle" - God

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The God Particle Bible At


Discovered in 2012, with the most expensive scientific apparatus in history -
 It's the most important fundamental building block
in the universe.  It controls the fate of everything, including your life.

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The God Particle is the reason that everything exists in the universe the way that it exists, and
it also shapes every event in your life. Your past, your present, your future is all wrapped up
in the God Particle.  Anyone ignoring the past is doomed to repeat it.


Hear the Word while you drive or walk around.

In the Original Bible - we're told about God's miracles in a tiny part of the Middle East
no bigger than Rhode Island. In the God Particle Bible we're told about God's miracles
Which Bible do you think will have the greatest impact on your life and the lives
of your children?

On July 4th 2012, Scientists in Geneva Switzerland announced the discovery of the
Higg's boson, or more aptly named - The God Particle and so named because it is
the FIRST part of the Universe that was created in the opening seconds of The Big Bang
and it is also known to be the major building block of every other subatomic particle
and therefore, in control of all of what we know as our 'Fate' or 'Destiny'.  Can you
 really afford to ignore this most important information?

Take The Leap

The God Particle Leap is the successor book to The God Particle Bible
AND should only be read AFTER the complete reading and comprehension of the
  The God Particle Bible

After coming to grips with the strongest force in the universe, any human being can now
SEE and APPRECIATE their life map laid out in front of them.   Knowing what you do
 with your very own life map is the best part of the journey.

The God Particle Leap, The God Particle, God Particles, Leap, Leap of Faith

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When they say in Star Wars "Use the Force, Luke."  This is what they're talking about. 
It's not just Science Fiction any more.  There is a Force that powers the universe. 
AND, the best part is that anyone can use it.  Learn how. 

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